5 Days In Albena, Bulgaria | vlog.

September 23, 2018

Hi everyone! At the beginning of the month, my family and I went to Albena (Bulgaria) for a few days! I’ve already written the travel diary, as you may have probably seen. Yesterday, I finally finished editing the travel vlog, and it is now up on my YouTube channel! Read More

September So Far

September 19, 2018

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I feel like recently I haven’t been writing as many posts as I would like. Even more so, posts in which I tell you what I’ve been up to. The reason behind that is the fact that school started this month and so I don’t get as much free time.

However, today I decided to hop in here and write something! So yeah, here’s what I’ve been doing! Read More

How To Go Self-Hosted (A Step-By-Step Tutorial)

September 16, 2018

*this post contains affiliate links*

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Hi everyone and welcome to the second and last post of my “How I went self-hosted” mini series! Today, I’ll show you an in-depth tutorial on how you can switch from a normal blog to a self-hosted one! So, if you’re interested to see how you can do that, keep reading!

When I decided to switch, online tutorials became my best friend. I read so many articles on how to make the switch. However, none seemed to show exactly what you have to do. Or at least that’s what it seemed like. Most articles and posts I read didn’t go in-depth or explained the whole process.

Today I’m writing the step-by-step guide I wish I had come across before switching. Having a tutorial to help you makes switching so much easier and less stressful. So, without further ado, here’s how to go self-hosted! Read More

My Journey Switching To A Self-Hosted Blog

September 13, 2018

How I went self-hosted - My Journey going self-hosted - Self-hosted blog - My blog story - www.oxria.com

Hello everyone! A few days ago my online friend Patsy messaged me asking about what it’s like to switch from a WordPress blog to a self-hosted one. I’ve decided to make this into a post, as both Patsy and I think many people could find it useful.

So here it is! This is the story on how I went self-hosted and why I did it. I’ll make this into a 2 part series, this being the first part, in which I talk about my journey. The second blog post will be an in-depth tutorial on HOW I switched. I hope you’ll find this helpful! Read More

5 Days In Albena, Bulgaria / Travel Diary

September 12, 2018

Old Ship Restaurant

Last week my family and I went to Albena, Bulgaria. We spent 5 days there, which turned out to be 5 little adventures. Today’s post is all about how we spent our holiday and my thoughts about Albena. Oh, and lots of pictures (possibly the most I’ve ever included in one blog post), so prepare yourself! haha Read More

Should You Go Vegan? *Sponsored*

September 9, 2018

Should You Go Vegan? This Might Help!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted. I was away for a few days, and now I’m finally back! Today I’m bringing you a special post. Why special? Because it’s *sponsored*!
I’m very picky when it comes to sponsored posts, because I only choose to write about things I know you guys will find useful.

When HealthLabs reached out to me, I immediately accepted. The services they offer are indeed, very helpful. And since I know there’s a lot of you who are very health conscious, I thought it would be perfect to share their services with you! Read More

Some New Digital Art

September 3, 2018

Magic Town - Illustration by oxria. Digital art.

Recently I’ve been feeling very creative. This “wave” of creativity started in August, and seems to be continuing this month too. I’m not complaining though! If anything, I’m happy that I can make more digital art and share it with you!

That’s what I’m doing in today’s post! Read More